Hide Away In The Hideaway Resorts

Hide Away In The Hideaway Resorts

If you’re looking to have an experience with the wild and adventurous side of Mother Nature, then the Corbett National Park has exactly what you seek. The world renowned nature park is spread over 1300 sq. km and plush with a rich variety of flora and fauna. Now that you’ve chosen the right destination, it is time to choose the right spot for the stopover. At Corbett National Park, Corbett hideaway resort welcomes you to a quiet hide away time from the hustle and bustle of city life to an endearing hug with Mother Nature.

The Corbett hideaway resort is spread over an area of 10 acres, and is right in the middle of a mango grove well-stocked with the ripe and luscious fruits. Paths made of pebbles are spread across the resort, which lead to the most exotic of cottages.

With the hideaway resorts, you can experience the wild in its purest form, however, minus the stunt it involves. At these resorts, absolute comfort level meets exotic cottages featuring sloping tiled roofs and black wood furniture inside out. The sound of the flowing Kosi River in the neighborhood has a definite soothing effect on your brain as it reminds you time and again that you are really on a vacation in the wilds.

Corbett hideaway with its impeccable hospitality offers a range of cuisines to satisfy the most demanding of taste buds. Facilities like a pool side bar, massage parlor, a thatched outdoor restaurant and a Nature shop for the charming souvenirs only add up to the enthralling experience.

The recreational activities at the hideaway resorts, further refines your stay. The evening bonfires let you listen to the song of the wild. Traditional folk dances are also a regular in the resort. The resorts also have a number of slide shows and movie sessions, which showcases the glory of Corbett National Park to its tourists.

Not to mention, the resort offers a number of jungle safari packages; all originating from the resort and concluding at its doorstep itself. So, no need to search for those independent safari providers, as the resort already sorts it out for you.


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